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It’s Not Information Governance, It’s Information Opportunity

Information Governance means lots of different and contradictory things, depending on who you ask. Earlier this year, AIIM International asked 52 senior information management executives who are members of its Executive Leadership Council. Their answers – and advice – are distilled in the AIIM Trendscape report, “It’s Not Information Governance, It’s Information Opportunity.”

Sponsored by FileBound, this report cuts through the confusing terms, noise and frustration to show you how to turn your enterprise information into opportunity. You’ll learn what executives from companies like Lockheed Martin and Wells Fargo have to say about:

  • The future of Information Governance and how to prepare for it
  • What is and (more importantly) isn’t a priority for Information Governance strategy
  • How to align Information Governance with your business strategy to accelerate your initiatives
  • Increasing corporate mindshare for Information Governance initiatives

Download the report today so that you can get past the challenges of Information Governance and make the most of your information opportunities.




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