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On-Demand Webinar
Beyond Automation: Using Predictive Analytics to Add Value to AP

Analytic capabilities can transform an AP automation solution from a tactical expense to a strategic initiative. Predictive dashboards and other data intelligence tools deliver insights into how the business actually works. As a result, AP leaders not only see the efficiency and cost savings of automation; they also play a more strategic role on the finance team.

This informational webinar co-sponsored by the Institute of Financial Operations, will explore how the basic automation tools like workflow, cloud and mobile can be used for more than just eliminating paper and reducing labor. Participants will learn what's behind the buzzwords to see how predictive analytics:

  • Are different than reporting
  • Improve visibility into cashflow and historical benchmarks
  • Empower better business decisions with on-demand financial analysis
  • Gain executive approval for an automation solution by demonstrating strategic value
  • Don't have to be expensive or difficult to use



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